Re: [dev] sfeed: RSS/Atom parser and reader

From: Sebastiano Tronto <>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2022 15:26:12 +0100


> I would like to share my project I've been using and tweaking over the years:
> sfeed is a RSS and Atom parser (and it has some format programs).
> [...]

Thank you Hiltjo for this nice piece of software. I have been using it
for a while now and I really enjoy its flexibility. As a testament to
how versatile sfeed is, let me share the little script that I use to
browse my feeds [1]. It essentially just builds up on your example

> #!/bin/sh
> url=$(curl -s gopher:// | \
> sfeed | sfeed_plain | \
> dmenu -l 35 -i | \
> sed -n 's_AT_^.* \([a-zA-Z]*://\)\(.*\)$_AT_\1\2_AT_p')
> test -n "${url}" && $BROWSER "${url}"

but it allows you to organize your feeds in folders and select the ones
you want to see with dmenu (to be precise with a dmenu-based filepicker
[2]). It then dynamically generates a sfeedrc file to show you only
those feeds.


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