[dev] dwm oddity

From: Greg Minshall <minshall_AT_umich.edu>
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2022 15:10:48 -0700

hi. i'm using dwm v6.2 under Arch linux. my own source build. i'm
using the "taggrid" patch. my laptop has a touch pad.

when i am in monocle mode (which i mostly am), every now and then when i
type a key, i end up in a situation where the application hasn't changed
(i.e., is what is showing on the screen), but the keyboard focus (and
the "title" on the bar, next to the tags) changes to one of the
non-visible apps. likely, the heel of my palm is making some (light?)
contact with the touch pad.

i'm wondering if anyone has seen this, or has any thoughts?

cheers, Greg
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