Re: [dev] dwm oddity

From: Greg Reagle <>
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2022 07:59:34 -0400

I have not experienced this.

On Sun, Apr 3, 2022, at 6:10 PM, Greg Minshall wrote:
> hi. i'm using dwm v6.2 under Arch linux. my own source build. i'm
> using the "taggrid" patch. my laptop has a touch pad.
> when i am in monocle mode (which i mostly am), every now and then when i
> type a key, i end up in a situation where the application hasn't changed
> (i.e., is what is showing on the screen), but the keyboard focus (and
> the "title" on the bar, next to the tags) changes to one of the
> non-visible apps. likely, the heel of my palm is making some (light?)
> contact with the touch pad.
> i'm wondering if anyone has seen this, or has any thoughts?
> cheers, Greg
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