Re: [dev] [dwm] possible regression in 8806b6e

From: Ethan Marshall <>
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2022 11:28:27 +0100

Just re-ran the bisection and got 8806b6e on both stock dwm and my
build. Reverting this commit fixes this change in both. Reverting
bece862 has no change in either, so I would assume we can eliminate that
commit as the issue.

Could this be related to the handling of fixed-size windows? I was under
the impression that windows of a fixed size are treated as automatically
floating by dwm. Could that have been thrown off by this new size logic?


On 23/04/22 10:16am, Chris Down wrote:
> Hi Ethan,
> Just checking, are you sure this bisects to 8806b6e23793 ("manage:
> propertynotify: Reduce cost of unused size hints")? I saw this issue prior
> to making this patch and bisected to bece862a0fc4 ("manage: For
> isfloating/oldstate check/set, ensure trans client actually exists"). I
> reported this last month here[0].
> I would be surprised if this commit is the cause because I use gpg-askpass
> and the Chromium system printing dialog fairly regularly, although of course
> anything is possible.
> If you're sure it bisects to this commit and not bece862a0fc4, let me know.
> Thanks!
> Chris
> 0:
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