Re: [dev] suckless indentation with vim

From: <>
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2022 08:44:53 -0400

>>> If someone's using vim and follows this style, what plugin and/or
>>> setting do you use?
>> set tabstop=8
>> set softtabstop=0
>> set shiftwidth=0
>> set noexpandtab
>>Not being lazy to type text, and indenting each line manually.
>>Side note: vim is bloated compared to vi and vis.

Yeah, Vim is extremely bloated.. I tried counting it's SLOC, both C and .vim
and stuff, and it's above 700000, I think.. if I counted it well, not sure.
Vi seems minimalistic - skimmed a it's source code.. but just A BIT too
minimal (suckless-style patches needed xD).

This is why I'm creating my own text terminal.
I don't give a shit if it doesn't become 1/1000 as popular as Vim is, I
want it
to be simple, suckless, and powerful-ish.
The cross-platform compatibility might be a shit-thing.
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