Re: [dev] a terminal transformer, analogous to a unix filter

From: Greg Minshall <>
Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2023 08:11:59 +0300

[other] Greg,

sorry, this is maybe too philosophical. but, reading your thoughts,
what strikes me is, from the 1980s/90s (by [another] Greg[or] Kiczales)
a model of things (software modules, say, or programs, or computing
systems), where each "thing" has two sorts of interfaces: a *using*
interface and a *managing* interface. envisioned as two sides of "the
box" holding the thing:

            /* */
managing -> /* */
            /* */

then, what i vaguely see from your thought is that the "using" interface
for your terminal translator is transparent, as you describe. but,
there is *some* path that accesses the "managing" interface, that either
sets parameters controlling the behavior (what, iirc, Kiczales was
thinking), or causes some momentary, transient, action by the thing
itself (terminal translator) or ?maybe? the emulator on top of which,
below which, the terminal is running.

anyway, those are the neurons that fired. good luck figuring this out!

cheers, [third time's the charm] Greg
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