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Date: Fri, 12 May 2023 13:25:37 -0400

> On Fri, 12 May 2023 08:27:07 -0600
> Lee Phillips <> wrote:
> > Since the administrators of this list are unable or unwilling to block
access to this loser, I'm unsubscribing. I don't need this kind of
garbage in my inbox. I have plenty of other kinds of garbage already.
> Good. Fuck off back to your safe space, LOSER.
> Fucking sick of whiny FAGS like you who have absolutely ruined the
internet with your bitching and whining and complaining about anything
that isn't politically correct. Go back to Germany where you belong,
> Dave

Are you by any chance gay? Because I love you.

I fucking love how you ended him with a 'Dave' hah.

People will end with the "you know what? I changed my mind, I DO want freedom
of speech", and freedom of speech doesn't mean only speech that one likes.
It is crucial to toughen our minds and prepare for the revolution.

The internet will get a revolution.. well.. at least the "dark-net" side
of it
will... well.. it is the revolution in-it-self, actually.

I don't know about Jews and Nazi and Hitler, but what I do know, is this:
Someone so powerful that their power matches that of a god, on Earth, is
messing with our lives. Is it Jews? I don't know, but Cahlen:0 on Lbry/Odysee
calls them demons.. and well, they are.
Who is? The most powerful entities on Earth, alongside those politicians who
mention children and exploit normies (the norm of societies) via their
emotional SOFTNESS and stupidity.

"Encryption is bad because child pussy can be shared because of math I mean
encryption. So to combat that, you agree to give us ABSOLUTE CONTROL and we
pwomise to be fair and lessen the child pussy ont he internet."

Meanwhile they do this and that on the Epstein island, fucking hypocrits.

But yeah, perhaps we should have a [rant], or you might be interested in
unbanning me on #suckless lol.

Did I push too far with child pussy? No, beacuse you aren't a fucking
child, so
I don't have to watch out for your feelings by saying something like 'CSAM'.
Oh, wait, mentally you are a child? dammit.. grow up.

No, seriously, social media and shit-shot(toktok) does make people
in their brain. I might call them 'patients' since they're all sick, affected
with dopamine addiction similar if not worse than porn.

Alright, at least I'm not the only free-speech fellow here. I feel even

Fucking live long, Dave! What a fucking legend.
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