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From: ssd <>
Date: Sat, 13 May 2023 10:19:16 +0200


* Laslo Hunhold 2023-05-13 09:51
>Even though I absolutely am for free speech and against censorship,
>especially self-censorship due to "political correctness" (slippery
>slope), what good is free speech when nobody listens? This happens both
>when there's little signal over noise and the thread becomes hostile,
>because people just check out.

Can't agree more.

>Suckless has always strived to be apolitical in terms of current
>societal debates, and it's the only hacker community of that kind that
>I know of in Germany. There are enough places to discuss the
>current heated politial topics on the web, this is not it.

Everything is political, so is suckless, too, but I agree that it has
been a place where the "hot" politics have been avoided. This is good,
IMO, not because it's good to be apolitical, but because the
polarisation in hot societal debates, doesn't really enable an useful
discourse that contributes to developing better ideas or advance
understanding. The knowledge gain is close to zero.

>Freedom isn't free, and in regard to free speech, I think the
>responsibility of each individual is to make use of it only as much as

Not sure I understand this correctly, but I think it's similar to what I
wanted to add to the thread; let me phrase it differently: abusing the
free speech argument to justify tone and style is just as harmful as
(self-)censorship. Freedom of speach is about ideas and messages.

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