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From: Laslo Hunhold <>
Date: Sat, 13 May 2023 09:50:45 +0200

On Sat, 13 May 2023 00:05:24 -0700
Jeremy <> wrote:

Dear Jeremy,

> Have a look at the comment which Mr. Doroshenko was replying to.
> Personally, I couldn't agree more with Yan. It may seem
> passive-agressive but I believe English is not Mr. Doroshenko's first
> language, so I wouldn't be surprised by the "over-the-top" language.
> (your English is very good, by the way, Mr. Doroshenko)
> Anselm & Hiltjo, suckless veterens(or at least the ones I see most
> often in the suckless threads), kept a cool head & have always
> refused to engage divisive rhetoric(name calling, all-caps, appeals
> to 1940s facism, etc).
> The name-calling does make me a little sad("troll", "loser", "Nazi"),
> along with the characterizations of people's contributions to this
> thread("troll post", "garbage").
> I'd like to think that there are feds(the "glow-in-the-dark" variety)
> or "competitors" sent to this mailing-list to try to trigger our
> insecurities & cause suckless to fragment, but that suckless is
> already inoculated & preoccupied with its own inner-self-criticism to
> be affected by outside forces.
> Moderation in this mailing list is highly disciplined & I'm
> unironically impressed. Thank you.

thank you for your level-headed reflection that I agree with. I will not
post any further reply to this thread, but would like to take note of
one further point:

Even though I absolutely am for free speech and against censorship,
especially self-censorship due to "political correctness" (slippery
slope), what good is free speech when nobody listens? This happens both
when there's little signal over noise and the thread becomes hostile,
because people just check out.

In the long run, this can easily kill a mailing list, in the worst case
for legal reasons (Germany, where the suckless servers are hosted, has
some 'interesting' laws, and I don't want to be arsed with a server
migration somewhere else).
Suckless has always strived to be apolitical in terms of current
societal debates, and it's the only hacker community of that kind that
I know of in Germany. There are enough places to discuss the
current heated politial topics on the web, this is not it.

Freedom isn't free, and in regard to free speech, I think the
responsibility of each individual is to make use of it only as much as
necessary. After all, we were born with two ears, but only one mouth.
Listen twice as much as you speak, accordingly.

With best regards

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