Re: [dev] organizing programs

From: Sebastiano Tronto <>
Date: Sun, 14 May 2023 21:55:16 +0200


LM <> wrote:
> I've been looking into todo programs, task schedulers and related
> organizing programs. [...]
> I'd be curious to know what tools other people use on the list to
> handle organizational jobs such as time and task scheduling, todo
> lists, habit tracking, displaying/printing calendars, etc. [...]

For TODO lists I have always used plain text files, either a single file
or a directory with multiple files when things got out of hand. I have
read about using mail inboxes as todo-list, I'd like to try once; but
for now it is just an entry in my TODO.txt (seriously).

The only thing I was missing from plain text files were notifications /
reminders for time-sensitive stuff. I could not find any tool that was
simple enough for my taste, so I rolled my own[0]. It is a C program that
reads line formatted as "[date] [text]" from stdin and prints out those
whose date matches the current minute to stdout. I have a script running
every 60 seconds that feeds a file with my task list to this program and
pipes the output to herbe[1] (or to notify-send). I have some shortcuts
to add pre-formatted entries to my tasks file, but usually I just edit
it with vi.

For calendar I just use cal(1) in a pop-up terminal[2][3].


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