Re: [dev] organizing programs

From: Jeremy <>
Date: Fri, 12 May 2023 11:49:43 -0700

On 05/12/23 02:11PM, LM wrote:
> I'd be curious to know what tools other people use on the list to
> handle organizational jobs such as time and task scheduling, todo
> lists, habit tracking, displaying/printing calendars, etc. Any
> recommendations? If you use more than one application, which programs
> work together or chain well? Thanks.

Because my deadlines tend to be more fluid, I've found "todo trees"
to be helpful in terms of managing tasks & task dependencies.

One of my recent "todo trees":
curl | dot -Tpng /dev/stdin -o o.png && sxiv o.png

We're using graphviz' "dot" for the visualization here.

In the example, I need a downtime window before I can goto the DC, as
well as some hardware brackets, then when we're there, we can install
the hardware, etc;

Not sure how one would visualize(& make it easy to express) deadlines,
dependencies & conditionals, but I suspect there's a very lucrative market
oppurtunity for someone who could.
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