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Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2023 11:14:56 -0400

> Hey, Fossy,
> please be mindful of how you style your e-mails, when there is a quoted
> text, it is necessary to have an 'arrow' [>] at the start of each line,
> otherwise it is not considered a quoted text. For example, this part:
> > > I don't think anyone is shocked by your messages. They just come off as
> > crass. Imagine going to a conference in real life and one of the
> > speakers goes on a 10 min rant filled with swearing and irrelevant
> > material halfway through his talk. Some people might be offended. Most
> > would be thinking "why am I wasting my time on this idiot?".
> means that only the first line is from the e-mail you have responded to,
> the other four are from your very own keyboard (quoted in this case
> because I am responding to that text).
> It's not a super huge deal, but it can mess up for example my highliting
> in neomutt and could confuse some threading in different mailing clients.
> To see the messed up highlight, see attached image.
> Have a good one.
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I did know it looked weird, but I thought it was fine because I use a dodgy
"dark-net" e-mail provider anyways, so the lining looked weird..

So how I do it is download the file (don't bother copy-pasting, new-line
doesn't get included so everything just gets joined in one line), and then
do a
pipe to `sed 's/^/> /'`.
I format my lines to 79c if it matters.

But I think everything breaks on the e-mail client in the browser... after
I don't support ShitScripts in browsers, not have it enabled.

I'll play a bit with e-mail web-site settings and see if that helps.

Thanks for pointing it out, I do care how I look (starting from yesterday

EDIT: Ah, I know what happens.. I need to somehow get sed to split lines
into multiple ones before appending the '> '.. because the e-mail client
also splits them above 76 or something like that.. cool client, but fucks
up shit like this.

Any command or rather utility to do that? I'm looking at either sed with
brackets somehow, or probably something like `split`, `tr`? :/
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