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From: Miles Rout <>
Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2023 12:25:50 +1200

On 1 July 2023 7:50:20 am NZST, wrote:
>Vim is also bloated as hell at over 700000 SLOC (including comments and
>everything, wc -l).. I'd rather just use pre-installed `vi`..
>I did use Vim in the past. I do miss it, that's why I started my own text
>editor that will be (I hope) as minimalistic as Vi, but as functional as Vim.
>I seen there's vim-tiny or something? But I don't trust it to be suckless.

Don't take the "bloat" meme too far. Not all large
 programs are bad and not all small programs are
 good. Vim is a great editor, it is large because
 editing is a pretty comprehensive activity. You
 couldn't fit the functionality of vim in a smaller
 package and I don't think you could build it out of
 separate Unix-y pieces.

You can also compile out a lot of the bloat
 features like the terminal emulator.

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