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Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2023 12:54:45 -0400

> On 1 July 2023 7:50:20 am NZST, wrote:
> >Vim is also bloated as hell at over 700000 SLOC (including comments and
> >everything, wc -l).. I'd rather just use pre-installed `vi`..
> >I did use Vim in the past. I do miss it, that's why I started my own text
> >editor that will be (I hope) as minimalistic as Vi, but as functional
as Vim.
> >I seen there's vim-tiny or something? But I don't trust it to be suckless.
> Don't take the "bloat" meme too far. Not all large
> programs are bad and not all small programs are
> good.

What meme? I am an extremist-wanna-be.
I want in the future to not even use X11/Wayland, and do stuff in tty while
also using graphics such as mpv, Links with graphics and say games or
something, directly displayed to screen.
I got mpv to play directly, but I forgot how/where, recently.
It was either FreeBSD or OpenBSD.
On GNU/Linux it's quite easy, yada yada yada some framebuffer stuff.

Getting of topic, but basically, with lesser code-based comes easy audits for
security reasons, anonymity reasons as well as changing the code to one's own

There is 100% ZERO excuse for Vim being that huge.
even 50SLOC would be too much for me.
Yes it can be done.
No, I do not need 100% of Vim's patches.

I know what I want, and so should you, if you wanna know what you use,
want to
understand the program, etc.
Old-school support that Vi and Vim might have? That should be optional, in my
opinion.. not sure what I'm exactly referring to, but I'm sure that they have
something like X11 has - legacy code.

> Vim is a great editor, it is large because
> editing is a pretty comprehensive activity. You
> couldn't fit the functionality of vim in a smaller
> package

I disagree, and time will show if I am right or not, once.. perhaps IF, I
"finish" my text editor project 'stte'.
But like I said: I do not require 100% of Vim features ;)
I can't remember 50% of them, let alone use them all.

> and I don't think you could build it out of
> separate Unix-y pieces.

What do you mean?

> You can also compile out a lot of the bloat
> features like the terminal emulator.
> Cheers,
> Miles

Yeah, like I mentioned already: vim-tiny.
No fucking clue how much SLOC it is then, couldn't find in the README file.
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