Re: [dev] Am I doing this right?

From: Страхиња Радић <>
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2023 06:12:12 +0200

On 23/07/02 06:39PM, Sebastian LaVine wrote:
> On Sun Jul 2, 2023 at 6:28 PM EDT, Nikita Krasnov wrote:
> > While we're on it. Are there any good Android email clients
> > that you can recommend? I've yet to find an app that allows
> > you to send emails in plain text, let alone with line
> > hard-wrapping :(
> I use and can recommend <>.

Since K9-Mail announced[1] that it will be "integrated" into Mozilla
Thunderbird on Android, I use FairEmail[2] instead. Both "apps" are a bloated
mess, but at least FairEmail doesn't depend on privacy-intruding Mozilla[3].

BTW, I suggest avoiding Android in the first place, for multiple reasons.

I have compiled a list of programs I use and recommend on my website[4] (page
is in Serbian, but you can Google translate it to somewhat acceptable level).


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