Re: [dev] Am I doing this right?

From: marteg <>
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2023 04:43:43 +0400 (GMT+04:00)


> While we're on it. Are there any good Android email clients that you
> can recommend? I've yet to find an app that allows you to send emails
> in plain text, let alone with line hard-wrapping :(

Here [0] is a list of clients recommended for plaintext. It also includes
instructions on how to set them up. I myself use and can recommend

> Thx! :D It is the first time I actually feel _clean_ when using email.
> I don't know how much is it because of using plain text or about
> actually talking to someone, but it's the first time I feel like I'm
> using email as it was intended to be used (aka not to simply receive
> one-time confirmation codes or advertising).
> Now I'm gonna fall in love with using it and become sad because of how
> unpopular it is. Am I the only one who eels that way?

I feel exactly the same! It's a shame simple and useful instruments like
email and IRC are either unpopular or misused nowadays. I really hope
more people will be using them in the future, especially since so many
enthusiasts work on improving them.


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