Re: [dev] Minimalist software. Should I care?

From: Sagar Acharya <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2023 10:23:57 +0200 (CEST)

That is exactly what I'm trying to achieve. Capital is whatI lack. Soon I will be releasing Libre-Ads, a random non-targeted ads system specially for Freedom respecting people.

So self-hosters can self sustain and they don't have to beg for donations from companies who sell binaries and target ads.

Thanking you
Sagar Acharya

5 Jul 2023, 13:48 by

>> One of the key problems I find today is that of
>> separating bots from humans. If we fail to do so, bots
>> can be innumerable speaking from a vast IPv6 space. All
>> attempts to correct such attack will fail!
>> Once we take a whitelisting approach, that of fixing IPv6
>> addresses and moving forward with decentralized servers
>> with people hosting themselves, progress will be made.
> Yea, the Dead Internet Theory. I don't think I really care that much though. Like, yea, this kinda sucks that nowadays every time you see a comment or a review you have to second guess if it's actually made by a real person, but while there are places like this I can live with that. There always should be an option for people who do care.
> Regular people hosting themselves will never be achievable. It's not even about if it is hard to do. People can't spend even a fraction of there time on their own privacy. And these days it's dead simple to have a password manager and an ad block. That's the bare minimum and most people still struggle. No matter how easy you'll make it to have your own server most people still won't have it simple because they also don't have a need for it.
> I can't imagine a regular Joe (no offense to anyone with that name here) to setup a VPS, host his own website or do literally anything else that would make him distinguishable from bots.
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> Nikita (not a bot)
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