[dev] Minimalist software. Should I care?

From: Nikita Krasnov <nikita.nikita.krasnov_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2023 19:06:12 +0300

Just bear with me on this one, this is not a bait or a
troll, I promise. I genuinely fell very confused.

What would be the point of using minimalist software if
bloated and excessively complex programs completely satisfy
all my needs? I am not the kind of person that works
directly with hardware, but it's not like I use my system
only as a bootloader for a web browser either. It's just
that my current workflow feels pretty complete to me.

Take LaTeX, for example. I do all of my LaTeX in TeXstudio
and, frankly, I'm satisfied with it. Autocompletion is there
by default and there are many shortcuts that I don't need to
set up myself. I simply use the all of this.

You could say that TeXstudio is pretty bloated and isn't
that flexible in terms of configuring and using it in
conjunction with other applications. And you'd be right. But
if I'll try to use more minimalist software like Neovim I
would spend an endless amount of time configuring and
patching all the features I now take for granted. And even
if I succeed, there will certainly be a time when I would
need some feature I haven't thought of in advance (a need to
use a debugger inside Nvim, idk) and I would have to either
avoid this feature for the time being or abandon anything I
am currently doing and try to search information on how to
integrate this thing into my system and into my workflow.

If I had used one of the bloated programs I probably could
have found a solution in one of the menus after reading few
Stack Overflow answers. But with Neovim I'd have to first
find the program that would be suitable for what I try to
achieve, then I'd have to read many lines or pages of
documentation, after that I'd have to implement that thing
and only then I'd be able to use the thing.

Such minimalism just seems unpractical to me. Maybe I have
the wrong mindset when it comes to these things.

I do love using more niche and minimalist programs. I like
when things are small, simple and understandable. I really
like C over C++, Rust or anything else exactly for that
reason. It's just makes computers fun, comfortable and cute
(idk how else to describe it). But am not fond of endlessly
configuring these things before they become even
semi-practical. I really don't know what to think about all
of this. What do you have to say about this?

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