Re: [dev] Minimalist software. Should I care?

From: Pontus Stenetorp <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2023 18:58:58 +0900

On Wed 05 Jul 2023, Nikita Krasnov wrote:
> >
> > I'm on this mailing list to stay in the loop on updates and patches to software I use. Not present evangelical arguments to someone who doesn't know what to believe in.
> [P]lus, it's not like it's too busy here anyways.

Would you also remark on how empty your neighbour’s living room is as justification when you move your storage boxes into it? The list is certainly a lot busier with this thread on it than it was some time ago. Whether this is for the better or not I leave for others to decide.

Some of us consider evangelism a disease. There is plenty on the website and elsewhere written about software minimalism. If using such software and the existing writing does not convince you, that is perfectly fine and you are no lesser of a human because of it and the existential angst is most likely unwarranted.
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