Re: [dev] Minimalist software. Should I care?

From: Lordkrandel <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2023 00:51:48 +0200

On 7/4/23 18:06, Nikita Krasnov wrote:
> What would be the point of using minimalist software if
> bloated and excessively complex programs completely
> satisfy all my needs?
Probably your needs don't align with the philosophy.

I also use `Thunderbird`, as I receive HTML emails.
`Firefox`, because well, I have a life and I need it
to pay taxes and whatnot.

But I use `dwm`, `dmenu`, `neovim` (not suckless).
I dislike extra features that I don't understand, or
that work in a way that I cannot change.

I prefer to setup things exactly how I need and understand.
And every time I have a new need, I find it entertaining
and instructive to work my way to a solution.

I have a metaphore for you:
If you had glasses, would you prefer to have a pair that
show you messages, contacts, games (and ads), or to have
surgery so that you will never need glasses anymore?

If you have no social media account, you won't deal with
many notifications. If you have no phone you don't need
a battery charger.

Same way, if you don't need an interpreter because
your code is statically compiled, you remove many of the
cumulative bugs and security issues of the technological

Sometimes we don't need more features: we try to
eliminate the needs. And it's a strive, a journey,
a diet, not a magical pill.

If it's not your style, feel free to avoid it.

Paolo Gatti
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