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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2023 14:59:04 -0400

1s of all I'd like to say I'm sorry because of the e-mail formatting that
to happen.. someone did tell me clients don't like that, but I do not
unfortunately have health to figure this out, I will remember this,
though, for
the future.
(Talking about my last e-mail, I think)

> On Tue, Jul 11, 2023 at 3:02PM <> wrote:
> > Like I even started writing what I hate about systems, so-to make the
> > one for me and others, with cheap AF hardware that once can DIY, of
> > Trust me when I say that roof over my head is blown-away from the
amount of
> > rich motivation, ideas and deducements I've had.
> >
> > I wish, I hope.. I research.. no one will help me but me, sadly.
> I'd be very interested to hear what you've come up with regarding a
> perfect system. I keep wanting to put together a custom distribution
> spin-off and use only software that's easy to build from source.
> Haven't had much luck with it. I keep looking for programs and
> libraries to use so I can at least build some of the programs I work
> with from source. I also keep looking at lightweight Linux
> distributions to see if they have any similar goals and need
> volunteers. No luck so far. I do find some interesting applications
> looking at minimal Linux distributions though. I also like checking
> into the BSD alternatives to common GNU tools and libraries.

I'm not talking about a distribution, because in my opinion, even OpenBSD is
foolish with some of it's approaches to security ;) or it's too much work now
when the OS is complete-ish.. like more-less fundemental changes, not Unix
compatible, better than Unix ever was or will be, but I'd of course have
utilities like sed grep tail head etc.
Basically every OS up until now would be a lesson.. big time from OpenBSD.
Oh, and it'd be suckless, although not sure about the patching approach,
because with that, on a bigger scale come security/reliability concerns,
but I
think I could get away with that by leaving the patchers aka hackers
responsible, and perhaps there could be forks who's creators like just
specific patches that work together with each other well and/or
standard if you want security and/or reliability :)

Also would take some inspirations from TempleOS.
And would not be licensed because fuck governments and their shit rules,
in my
world, intellectual fucking property are just 2 words without meaning,
they do
not exist.
I predicted that licensing code could be automated with an algorith aka A.I.,
and like less than 1 year later exactly that happened.
All IP (patents,licensing,trademark) is utter and absolute impossibly mad
dog-shit.. I am disappointed in humanity as a whole for allowing it and even
conforming to it ("oh, you want a license? faaayn, here you go a CC0", NO

But 1st I have to optimize how my brain works in order to master memory
management and efficiency.
Also working on improving deduction skills, which can partially be
achieved by
eating certain foods that contain DHA/EPA omega3 acids found in for example
wallnuts, your brain needs that.
Yes, I'm that hardcore/extreme, in fact that's just the beginning.
But we'll see, I might just be a fart in the wind.. I fucking hate my current
state of pathetic nothingness.
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