Re: [dev] Suckless paint/graphic editor program

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Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2023 15:02:16 -0400

> On Mon, Jul 10, 2023 at 3:24PM <> wrote:
> > I'd love if we could use the GPU directly like pixel changes, etc,
> > all
> > the 100 fancy APIs, managers, etc.
> I ran across this and it might be of interest.
> It lists the BSD console as an option.

WHOAH! that looks fucking awesome! Like does it work without YAFT itself???
If so, this is super-suckless for something so useful!

> I definitely like the BSD systems. If they had better device driver
> support for all my peripherals, I'd be using a BSD system.

I feel you.. I wouldn't even touch FreeBSD (except MAYBE for gaming) if
had perfect support I mean peripherals weren't evil, not OpenBSD fault
most of
the time.

> As to using the GPU directly for graphics, OpenGL and Vulkan can do
> that.

I don't believe you!
Seriously? I had a great feeling about Vulkan because a few years ago when I
took a look at it, it seemed be program-able in C-style C++ or something like
That'd be very VERY neat!
And sinve Vulkan is open-source, one couldjust steal their code for direct
access and scrap the rest of Vulkan for something suckless :P

> However, they require a shading language. So, you need another
> programming language involved. You couldn't just write your program
> in C. The shader languages are supposed to be C like.

If it's alike C, then fine.

> > Will check out this stuff in future, if my eyes get better
> Hoping your eyes get better soon.

Well.. it has only been a year since I last felt the spirit of god-creation,
that is programming..... I am saddened beyond belief.. but I have hope.. that
one day I'll fulfill my destiny and accomplish like 100 dreams and ideas I've
come up with in that time..
It is amazing what a mind can become when lacking what it's craving most
Like I even started writing what I hate about systems, so-to make the perfect
one for me and others, with cheap AF hardware that once can DIY, of course.
Trust me when I say that roof over my head is blown-away from the amount of
rich motivation, ideas and deducements I've had.

I wish, I hope.. I research.. no one will help me but me, sadly.
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