Re: [dev] Announcing a couple small X11 utilities

From: NRK <>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2024 02:47:39 +0000


> I've addressed most of your concerns, please check the attached patch
> and let me know what else can be done.

I've added a commit to `selx` that allows you to pick a monitor [0]. You
can either use the cli flag:

        $ sxot -g $(selx -m 0)

or select a monitor interactively via Ctrl+RightClick:

        $ sxot -g $(selx)

The reason I haven't added it to `sxot` is because I'm assuming that
there are existing "standard" tools that can extract monitor information
already (xrandr maybe?). So it's better to reuse those existing tools.
But if that assumption turns out to be incorrect then I might


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