Re: [dwm] Maximized emacs bug

From: Carl Fischer <>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 18:57:24 +0100

On Sun, 13 Aug 2006 11:32:26 -0400
Edwin Stearns <> wrote:

> I like your project very much, but I have found an annoying bug with
> using emacs. To see the bug, follow this recipe:
> Open a xterm.
> Call emacs without loading the configuration file like this:
> # emacs -q
> Modl-M to maximize emacs
> In emacs:
> M-x menu-bar-mode
> Add watch emacs go back to tiled mode.

Same here when I do toggle menu-bar-mode but it's not really a problem
since I disable the menu and never use it. A similar issue is clients
toggling out of maxed mode when a transient window such as a save or
open dialog pops up.

However I did have a problem with emacs-21.4.1 grabbing focus and not
letting go. In tiled mode with emacs, an aterm and firefox, make sure
the mouse is above the emacs window, then use focusnext() to cycle
through the clients a few times. Once emacs gets focus it won't let
focus go to another window unless I move the mouse onto the other
window. It looks like the other clients do get selected very briefly
(titlebar flashes) but then emacs takes focus away again. Problem solved
in emacs-

Second minor bug: go to an empty tag, start gmrun with appropriate
keybinding. gmrun doesn't get focus, even by using focusnext()/prev().
If I sweep the mouse over the window it gets focus and if I run it
again after that it works fine. The gmrun client is selected because I
can max it, in fact maxing it gives it focus, but unmaxing it takes
focus away from it again.

Haven't checked if those bugs are still there with hg tip. It seems to
be a mouse problem. It's not really a big deal but I try to stay away
from the mouse whenever I can.

Thanks for the nice window manager and tidy code. I've definitely learnt
a few things :-)


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