Re: [dwm] dwm-0.9 / dmenu-0.4

From: mikshaw <>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 11:44:55 -0400

>From Tube, (16/08/06 09:54):
> that's how i call dwm:
> while true
> do
> echo `/bin/date '+%x %H:%M:%S'` `uptime | sed 's/.*://; s/,//g'`
> sleep 1
> done | dwm

I've seen the same issue here, and got around it by
checking for dwm from within the loop:

while true
pidof dwm &>/dev/null && (cat $HOME/.dwm.status && sleep 3) || break
done | dwm

There is one other thing I've found odd about 0.9 though.
when switching between tags that have no window currently
attached, the tag name is not highlighted until the status
is redrawn. If your "sleep" is 10 seconds, it will take
up to 10 seconds before the tag name is selected. This is
just a visual thing, and doesn't slow down the actual move
to the tag, but it was a bit confusing at first.
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