Re: [dwm] sticky layout and master size patch

From: Julian Romero <>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 11:06:00 +0200

> at the moment one could imagine that tiledmode and floatmode are different views that don't remember the selected tags, so why not use more userdefined modes/views.
> however in some cases it could be sufficient to define shortcuts to select tags and layout, so there were no need to remember (as you implemented it) the layout and master size. in your case, something like:
> alt+1 row, 60%, tag "dev"
> alt+2 col, 50%, tag "net"
> and still you can use toggle tag... and it is less randomly what layout is kept.
What you propose is complementary to my random (I rather call it
flexible) approach.
Defining such shortcuts is not very hard. In fact I didn't do it
because the Arg parameter in the key handler only accept one integer
(I hacked it to accept both col and row percentages but adding a list
of tags in the same integer would be too much)

Even if you have this kind of shortcuts: (Alt+1, 40%x50%, tags: 1,3,5
) I still wish to have the possibility to make the master bigger or
smaller (just to fit their content for a moment) It's faster than
picking up the mouse to move the horizontall scroll in a firefox
poorly designed page. As an example.

Remembering the sizes and layout per tag combination (bundles as in will be great but for me is enough to make it persistent
for a single tag (I use some kind of anchor tags)

Does we need tag bundles to make easier selecting a certain view?
(only internally, w/out visual counterpart) It will allow to define a
shortcut to view bundle X thats expand into tags W,Y and Z.

Just thinking aloud.

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