[dwm] cycling tags, again...

From: Jukka Salmi <j+dwm_AT_2006.salmi.ch>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 10:36:48 +0200


one last attempt before giving up the "show previous/next tag" idea
forever ;-)

What about functions for viewing the previous/next tags for all tags
currently selected? Example: dwm is configured to have five tags.
You're viewing tags 2 and 4. After calling viewnext() you'd be viewing
tags 3 and 5; calling viewprev() would have resulted in tags 1 and 3
being viewed. The attached patch does what I'm trying to explain.

While I'm not sure I'd use this a lot when viewing multiple tags, it
gives the desired functionality when viewing only a single tag. And
at least it doesn't break anything in the former case...

Cheers, Jukka

bashian roulette:
$ ((RANDOM%6)) || rm -rf ~

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