Re: [dwm] view all again (Was: cycling tags, again)

From: Frank Boehme <>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 14:34:58 +0100

David Tweed wrote:

> Note there's two separate issues here:
> 1. viewing/iterating over all clients

For me, that was the only item.

> 2. is it useful to be able to work with tags in a relative
> way (eg, viewnext(), etc) as well as an absolute way.

I was under the impression that the consens is "No". Tags can be
ordered. However, what we view are subsets of the set of all tags. There
are (too) many ways to order such subsets. The thing is, none of these
orderings is outstandingly suitable.

BTW, each view can be assigned a binary number, similar to what we
already see on the bar. If we do have to define an ordering, then I'd
suggest Gray coding (I am serious!). For 3 tags, that would be:


Between any too adjacent views, there is always exactly one tag that
gets switched on or off. Obviewsly, the exception is the wrap from the
end ot the beginning, because 000 is not permitted. I would therefore
suggest to bind the corresponding event to the screensaver :-)


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