[dwm] [patch] wide clients

From: y i y u s <yiyu.jgl_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 13:47:26 +0200

Well, my wide clients patch is ready now. The code is still a bit...
bad (dotile looks like crap), but I dont find better solutions for the
problems I have had. I ask you please to have a look at it and tell me
your suggestions to clean it.
Anyway, I know this sort of patch won't never go into main, not only
due to the code quality, but also due to the funcionality, but though
you are not going to use it, please have a look at the code if you
have some free time.
This patch lets you to set a client as wide. Wide clients are arranged
after the other ones, except if it is zoomed (then it will be put at
the top). This lets you some new layouts in dwm, for example:

 **************** **************** ****************
 * * * * * * *
 * * * * * * *
 * * * * * ****************
 **************** **************** * ******
 **************** * * * ****************
 **************** **************** ****************

 2 normal 2 normal 3 normal
 2 wide 1 wide 2 wide
 (zoomed normal) (zoomed wide) (zoomed wide)

I dont know if this can be useful for you, but as you can see there
are lots of possibilities. I solved the problems I had with zoom and
window sizes and the resize functions works in a more intuitive way
It looks like you have problems getting my files from Julian's page,
so I'm attaching the patch to this message (arg: may I ask for a hg
repository for dwm patches?).


- yiyus || JGL .

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