[dwm] dwm stealing input

From: Stephen Caraher <moskvax_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 18:24:13 +0930


After I start dwm or wmii, I have a problem where the window manager appears not
to pass input on to clients. For example, I can start urxvt with my modkey+enter
bind, or any other program with modkey+p which launches dmenu, which gets my
input fine. I can then switch focus between these programs and close them, but
none of them ever recieve any of my input. Urxvt's cursor flashes whenever I
press a key, but nothing appears in its window. Xterm acts as if I'm not
pressing anything, as does firefox.

This problem only affects dwm/wmii, not other WM's. It's happened on and off
over the past few months, it used to happen sometimes after I first started
using wmii. Today it's come back after I accidentally trashed my .Xmodmap and

Thanks in advance for any solutions or suggestions about how to further proceed

Stephen Caraher (moskvax) // GPG: C7C4C591

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