[dwm] dwm-2.2 multicol/xinerama/aspect ratio patch

From: David Tweed <tweed314_AT_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 13:23:28 +0000 (GMT)

Hi, here's a version of the layout patch which allows for multiple monitors on xinerama and also includes "implied aspect ratio" maintenance for certain named Xwindow classes. (This doesn't contain the various push/pop workspace functions of the large numbers of clients patch just because I haven't had time to separate those out from my "personal" dwm modifications.) No documentation yet, but this version does get rid of the gross inefficiencies in aspect ratio maintenance the initial version posted for dwm-2.1. Anyway, just throwing this onto mailing list for anyone interested. (I'm trying to put aside time to learn StGit to make maintaining a series of patches, when I do be in a position to put out a documented patch.) Only source modifications needed are to put a (prefix of) the XClass into the array respectAspectRatio[] in config.default.h. Also be aware that if dotile() detects it can't maintain the aspect ratio clients within a column without running out of space it makes every client the same size (rather something clever like dropping aspect ratio on each client in turn until things fit.) (In manage(), it uses a completely separate configuration mechanism to Rules just for ease of prototyping: I ought to extend the Rule format and hook into its processing.) cheers, dave tweed. Send instant messages to your online friends http://uk.messenger.yahoo.com

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