Re: [dwm] What functions do I really use?

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 14:12:19 +0100

Tako rzecze Anselm R. Garbe (w e-mailu datowanym 2006-11-22, 12:31):

> Personnaly, I rarely/never use the following features/functions:
> - titlebars of clients (I really can live without them, I never
> look at them), removing titlebars could reduce the source
> about 70 lines, maybe more with some restructurings

Hi Arg,

Titlebars are very helpful to me (I use them as many other users with
screen and bash generally). I really don't see the point of removing
them, unless you treat making the code smaller a sport :).

> - viewall/toggleview: (I never view more than one tag per time,
> although I use the other way around, tagging some
> clients with more than one tag that they appear when
> viewing different tags) - I haven't implemented a patch, but
> this could make seltag[] obsolet, and at least the functions
> I listed here, approx. yet another 50-70 lines
> -> instead this feature, I would consider holding
> a pertag array for client order instead, to remember the
> per-tag layout correctly, this might add yet another 20-30
> lines

I also *usually* view one tag at a time, but keeping this flexibility
(for both viewing multiple tags and having multiple tags on a client) is
good so that most dwm users can use it the way it's most convenient for
them. I use both of the features sometimes and I'm glad it's there. It
makes the tag philosophy fully flexible. Otherwise we could just as well
have “desktops“ or what not.

Since you wrote the code without any external pressure I don't suppose
it's too difficult for you to maintain these two bits of functionality.
I would very much wish that they stay (or otherwise I'll have to stay
with dwm-2.2 and miss on bugfixes and perhaps some cleanups).

Anyway, thanks for your work as usual :).



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