Re: Re: [dwm] Interesting idea by Gottox

From: David Tweed <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 13:46:54 +0000 (GMT)

|Anyway, I don't know if this has been discussed yet, but wouldn't it be |a little more consistent to apply the tag that is viewed when a program |is started instead of the tag that is viewed when the program pops up? Just a note about "the tag" people are talking about: unless multi-viewing is removed from future dwm, in general there may be multiple tags being viewed (whatever time you choose to make that measurement) so you either need a "tag choice strategy" (which may avoid the annoyance of having to uncheck the unwanted tags from the new client at the cost of introducing arbitrariness) or accept client getting all currently viewed tags. cheers, dave tweed ___________________________________________________________ All new Yahoo! Mail "The new Interface is stunning in its simplicity and ease of use." - PC Magazine
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