Re: [dwm] Again client titles and nmaster indicator

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 14:29:49 +0100

Tako rzecze Anselm R. Garbe (w e-mailu datowanym 2007-01-15, 14:11):

> > I cannot understand why a config value cannot be added to inhibit
> > drawing of the titlebars if someone doesn't like them.
> Because this is against the dwm philosophy and it introduces bad
> style. Once you add compile-time options using CPP for a
> specific feature, it won't last long that people request such
> options for other things as well. Hence I prefer strict decisions
> to remove a feature which is not essentially, like client title
> windows.
> The software philosophy I follow is, to create usable software
> which only provides the essential functionality, which has been
> identified during its evolution. That might be different to
> other philosophies like that found in mutt - there features have
> been added during its life-time and never removed. That's why
> developing software like mutt is so depressive.
> > @arg: I understand this is your own window manager, but then why do you
> > consult your decisions? You do as you like anyway...
> I consult because I have been proven wrong quite often.
> But sometimes I notice that my decision is better for the future
> of some software, even if there are complains.

OK, I understand your point and thanks for a lengthy answer, however:

> No. As I already pointed out, in most cases you don't identify a
> window by its title. Instead, you identify it by its content.

I'd rather you wouldn't say how *I* identify my windows and why. You do,
this is your way of work, ok. I work different I find window titles very
helpful and especially helpful the way you implemented them in dwm (ie
not wasting any window space). So I'll stick with them as they are now.



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