Re: [dwm] launch of groupie (s/taggi/groupi/)

From: S A <>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 05:31:06 +0100


wouldn't it be wiser to do the whole thing in Perl? some pros i see:

* clearer
        + html::templates makes it easy to separate markup from code
        + same language thru out the whole app
* faster
        + no need to pipe thru coding scripts as Perl got functions for
          encoding and decoding
        + regex built it, no need to pipe thru sed
* more flexible
        + Perl has tons for modules. implementing new advanced features
          would be easy if wanted
* easier to chroot
        + rather use mod_perl or copy in Perl with the few modules
          needed than a shell and all unix tools into my chroot
* more portable
        + not that anyone cares but it would work on windows too

if you are interested in going the Perl route; let me know. i have
rewritten the old taggi (version 1) with some added features into Perl,
perhaps you can reuse some of that code.

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