Re: [dwm] slock and fingerprint

From: Christoph Siegenthaler <>
Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2007 15:14:17 +0100

(Most of this is related to thinkfinger, not dwm)

pancake wrote:
> I've written a small patch for slock for those who want to unlock
> the X windows using a fingerprint device.
> It's using driver and utilities.
> Enjoy.
> --pancake

Thank you for this patch. I just have a few problems getting it to run...
I'm using thinkfinger svn r55 and I don't have lt-tf-tool, only tf-tool.
Is it also possible to apply your patch to use tf-tool instead? And
doesn't this require the .bir file to be in /tmp? Are you able to verify
prints with a regular user or do you need to be root?

Cheers Sigi
(The new dwm "Maintainer" in the ArchLinux AUR, btw)
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