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From: curson <>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 11:23:48 +0100

On (08/02/07 09:41), rumpel wrote:
> I read an article last year which says that 80% just looks first at
> the top left corner (i think people who read books from right to left
> would look at the top right corner :D), so the bar at the top should
> be there. Basically the bar shows you at which desktop you are and so
> you can find this point quickly.

My 2 cents here.
I perfectly find myself in this category. I come from 4 years of Fluxbox
use, with the bar at the bottom, but I find perfectly natural to look in
the upper left corner under dwm to check tags.
To me a bottom bar is associated with the idea of "icons" and minimized
items, while a top one feels perfectly suited when displaying window
title in use, tags, and maybe `date`.

As a matter of fact, I'm new to dwm and new to this List too, so thank
you (for the first but not the last time) for all the work you all put
in dwm ;)

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