Re: [dwm] tagging vs stereo

From: pancake <>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 16:10:14 +0100

I think that allowing tabbed windows in dwm (or 2wm) would be really
interesting, so having a list of hidden windows (tabbed in the status
bar or so), and pushing them into a dwm-like tiling.

My idea is:

  - you have two different workspaces: fullscreen and tiled
  - fullscreen workspace contains pushed (hidden) windows.
  - each window frame can containe one or multiple windows.
  - each window can be pushed and poped into a fullscreen tabbed workspace
  - you can select the window you want to pop alt-tabing in the fs-ws.

In this will be something like:


    tile fullscreen
   _______ ______
  | | | | |
  | |--| | |
  |____|__| |______|

Each frame will contain a list of tabbed windows:
 | |
 | |
 | |

Keybindings can be something like:

  - push : moves current window to the fullscreen workspace
  - pop : pops current fullscreen window into the current frame
  - next : selects next window in current frame
  - prev : select previous window in current frame
  - zoom : zoom current window frame
  - fnext : selects next window frame
  - fprev : selects previous window frame

I think, some of these commands can be reassembled together to avoid
design holes. And do things like:

 - push/pop - moves from tile-ws to fs-ws.
 - zoom : toggle realfullscreen in ws-fs or toggles zoom in tile
 - next/prev/fnext/fprev: in fullscreen mode there's no sense for
     fnext/fprev window frame, so, these actions must be re-designed..

The attach/detach functionality is really cool, i've used in ion too,
but find't useful but prescindible, but having this feature on a dwm-like
wm would be cool, so it will allow us to remove the tagging (which I don't
usually use't).

What do you think about this new approach?

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