[dwm] resize() is side effect free?

From: David Tweed <tweed314_AT_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 20:07:54 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Anselm, I don't really understand X so I'm just trying to check: if I've got a tiled client and within dotile() its got the same x,y,w & h as the last time through dotile(), it seems like it's ok to avoid calling the reize() on it. At least, it doesn't appear to cause any problems, but I'm just checking there's not a subtle X point I'm missing. (I'm heavily using applications that seem to send configurerequest's when you do things like use a dragbox in the window, so if I don't add this extra test in dotile() things I get a flickering effect from the other "slow redraw" clients. With this "don't resize if unnecessary" check I can't see the flickering anymore.) Many thanks, cheers, dave tweed ___________________________________________________________ What kind of emailer are you? Find out today - get a free analysis of your email personality. Take the quiz at the Yahoo! Mail Championship. http://uk.rd.yahoo.com/evt=44106/*http://mail.yahoo.net/uk
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