[dwm] bundle section in wiki

From: Julian Romero <dwm_AT_mad.mw>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 15:31:32 +0100

we all know that dwm code base is frozen since several months ago ;)

But the reality is that every other week I am patching the vanilla sources
with a non-fixed combination of patches (bstack, grid, warp...etc.)
When we apply more than one patch is very easy to find a rejection that
should be fixed manually. The more the patches applied, the more the
rejections, the more complex get to fix it.

Then, what about sharing bundles (mercurial bundles) with applied and
working patches? Everyone can then get the bundle and run the corresponding
unbundle against a clean copy of dwm. With a lot of time saving.

Anyone has an opinion? arg, it's the wiki the place for these files?

As a side efect people will find less resistance trying feature cocktails
and then reporting their feedback to the list.


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