Re: [dwm] testing URL

From: David Tweed <>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 16:33:50 +0000 (GMT)

>only one forcibly writes a zero byte to the end of
> the copied-to array just in case (the
> "strncpy(stext, strerror(errno), sizeof stext - 1);" in main.c).

|Hmm, but in main.c the stext buffer is zero-terminated
|explicitely a line later, however, this is not done in

I was citing the one case which did zero terminate.

|Do you have a backtrace? Maybe it's an Xlib-bug, maybe very
|special to a specific font(set)?

When I say crash it should be "locks up", which means it doesn't redraw or
allow changing client. However, it's not using a noticeable amount of CPU.
Dunno about the backtrace: I've set -g in the makefile and removed the strip and
attaching gdb in a VT gives something that doesn't complain, but looks a bit
suspicious so maybe gdb is misreading the executable.
Copying manually important bits, backtrace is

0 poll()
1 XProcessInternalConnection
2 _XRead
3 _XReply
4 _XSync
5 event.c:317 drawstatus (e=Variable not available)
6 main.c:318 handler[ev.type].....

where p ev gives many screens of stuff with ev.type=28

One definite thing is if I comment out the sel->name printing in drawstatus
it doesn't lock-up, otherwise it reproducibly does here.

I'll try getting the tip and seeing if it works next.

cheers, dave tweed

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