Re: [dwm] testing URL

From: David Tweed <>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2007 17:46:22 +0000 (GMT)

|I'll try getting the tip and seeing if it works next.

Tried tip from 20 min ago and it still locks up, gdb trace gives
essentially same stuff (lines numbers moved with source changes).

Doing p sel->name gives a well terminated string<256 chars, but it does appear
to have some odd characters in it. The start is

Bug 35236 Z\200\223

where Z is actually a square shape with p (unsigned char)sel->name[10] gives 226.

Note that I haven't _definitively_ shown these bytes are causing problems for xlib
and the lock-up, but it looks like it. X gurus, any ideas?

cheers, dave tweed

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