Re: [dwm] Greyish blobs

From: Sebastian Goll <>
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 16:29:01 +0200

On Mon, 4 Jun 2007 11:52:48 +0200
"Anselm R. Garbe" <> wrote:

> Nah... well I believe those windows might generate an
> CreateNotify event at least (dunno why MapRequest is suppressed,
> maybe because they are broken by design). Can you recheck if hg
> tip works properly now? I added an createnotify() event handler
> to catch those windows.

I tested some more and created the attached event traces. (At least) two
things I don't understand: On calling createnotify, the event itself has
override_redirect set to False, but wa.override_redirect returns True so
the event handler refuses to manage(..) the window.

Later, on maprequest the blob windows get managed, manage(..) is called,
but on the unmapnotify directly after that, they get unmanaged again. Is
this normal behaviour for an X application (it's at least one difference
between "Math.Main" and "Math.Blob.1/2")?


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