Re: [dwm] Basic dwm usage question

From: Nagy Mate <>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 10:20:10 +0200

> As you can see I have the echo command sleep for 60 seconds. I was
> using 1 second, but found my load nearly doubles. My problem is when I
 i had this problem with using dwm on my Toshiba Libretto 100CT (cute
and small laptop with 32M RAM and a 266mhz pentium). I investigated, and
found that these things together (the shell, sed, etc) use quite a bit
of system resources - especially the shell. I myself solved the problem
by writing a small script interpreter with very small resource usage
that just had enough power built in to do the necessary tasks (reading
the relevant data from /proc and /sys, assembling and printing a status
line); I would imagine this could be done with any other reasonably fast
scripting language (especially a not mark&sweep GC-d one (python?)). The
main thing is to avoid all the forking and piping.
 If you really want, I can give out my own interpreter, but it's
shamefully dirty :)

 Mate Nagy
Received on Thu Jun 07 2007 - 10:20:47 UTC

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