[dwm] Basic dwm usage question

From: James Turner <james_AT_bsdgroup.org>
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2007 17:03:19 -0400

Hello list,

I've recently switched over to dwm full time. I run it on OpenBSD 4.1
-release and couldn't be happier. I just have a simple question about
how dwm quits. I use the following command in my .xinitrc to start dwm:

while true
echo "[ B: `/usr/sbin/apm -l`% T: `/sbin/sysctl hw.sensors.aps0.temp0 \
| sed 's/hw.sensors.aps0.temp0=//g' | sed 's/.00//g' | awk '{print \
$1}'`C ] [ `uptime | perl -e '<> =~ \
/\s+([0-9.]+),\s+([0-9.]+),\s+([0-9.]+)/;print qq[$1, $2, $3];'` ] [ \
`date "+%m/%d/%y %H:%M"` ]"
  sleep 60
done | dwm

As you can see I have the echo command sleep for 60 seconds. I was
using 1 second, but found my load nearly doubles. My problem is when I
run Alt + Shift + q to quit dwm I find X hangs for awhile before
existing. I assume it hangs for as long as the time is left for the
sleep command, depending where it is when i quit dwm. I was wondering
if there is away to kill sleep as soon as I quit dwm? Thanks for the
help as I imagine it's not dwm specific.

James Turner
BSD Group Consulting
Received on Wed Jun 06 2007 - 23:03:53 UTC

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