Re: [dwm] Basic dwm usage question

From: Anydot <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2007 23:28:52 +0200

On (06/06/07 17:03), James Turner wrote:
> As you can see I have the echo command sleep for 60 seconds. I was
> using 1 second, but found my load nearly doubles. My problem is when I
> run Alt + Shift + q to quit dwm I find X hangs for awhile before
> existing. I assume it hangs for as long as the time is left for the
> sleep command, depending where it is when i quit dwm. I was wondering
> if there is away to kill sleep as soon as I quit dwm? Thanks for the
> help as I imagine it's not dwm specific.

You can look on snippet of my ~/.Xsession file:

it updates date&time every second, but load and disk&cpu temperature
only each 15 seconds.
Also there is outer BIG loop so I am able to "reload" dwm (via dwm
quit). To end the session I can use c-a-backspace (-> Xserver quits and
all the program it was running too).

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