Re: [dwm] slock fails - randomly

From: G David Modica <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 07:12:18 -0500

On 05:48 Tue 26 Jun , GDavidModica wrote:
The problem comes and goes. When the problem occurs it sticks around
for many iterations, but eventually goes away. When it goes away, it
stays away until I reboot. After rebooting, the problem usually but not
always recurs. Nothing is consistent. Sometimes all tags are affected,
sometimes only one tag is affected. Sometimes invocation from dmenu or
a terminal displays the problem, sometimes only dmenu invocation.

I don't think it is hardware. I get the same behavior on a second

> When I invoke slock via dmenu while in an active tag, the screen blanks
> for a scecond and then unlocks. The same thing happens if I invoke
> slock from a terminal.
> If I invoke slock via dmenu while in an inactive tag (viewing the X
> root window), it works as expected.
> I am using dwm-4.2 patch with bstack, but get the same result when I use
> plain dwm-4.2.
> Any ideas?
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