[dwm] first inofficial (#) dwm FAQ - to be reviewed/over-coworked

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Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 02:36:14 +0200

first inofficial (#)dwm - FAQ by pr0n@

1. Can I ?

2. Where can I find?

3. I want to learn C, now I have function foo() doing bla?
<not answered by me> :)

4. I asked a question in #dwm and noone replied?
We are no support channel.

5. I asked a question in #dwm and noone replied and I got
shutup, when re-asking it?
Try rephrase your question.

6. What are all those crazy people in #dwm?
Shut up.

7. Now that I've read tru the whole source, whats next?
Try subscribe to the mailinglist.
Try submit patches to the mailinglist.

8. How do I subscribe?
See #21

9. foo sux.
We know.

10. Is this punk really dddrunken(tm) all the time?

11. Where shall I ask political questions?
try -fa^H^H err.. -politics

12. But others do it directly in the channel <quack>
See #13

13. I want to contribute money?

14. I need pr0n, now that I have paid, I have a right...
Yes. Goto ipv6experiment.com. (it's free btw.)

15. Are you guys hating me?
Not ATM.

16. Yesterday I stated 'bla' and it does not appear in the
logs? Are you having hardware problems?

17. I found a buffer overflow in dwm.
    I found wiki spam.
See #8 err, see #7, hell it's late :D

18. Now I have IPv6 and the tunnelendpoint doesn't ping6?
See http://www.sixxs.net/faq/connectivity/?faq=ping

19. I have a dream.
Great, I have a gun^W err, let's discuss.

20. I want <feature> in dwm!
Good. Build it, if you can't, make a good description.

21. Anything else?
Fuck off. (And don't forget to read all the stuff)

Well at least #21 can't be appear in the legal FAQ.

Greetz pr0n@

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