Re: [dwm] xicon - dzen-like tool for icons

From: Robert Manea <>
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 09:47:36 +0200

* pancake ( wrote:
> I have been taking some parts of dzen to write a first mockup of the
> 'xicon' tool. It aims to draw icons on the Xwindows on a borderless
> windows like dzen2 does.
> This is just a one-night-hack (R), code is ugly and there'r some
> minor bugs and missfeatures but it's enought stable and functional
> to release a 0.1 :)

This looks really nice and the code is also not too long. So i'd be
interested to join efforts and integrate icons into mainstream dzen.

Unfortunatelly i'm rather busy with exams right now and do not have
enough time to hanlde this. So if you are interested too, please let
me know and I will set up a svn branch where we can integrate xicon
and dzen.

Bye, Rob.
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