Re: [dwm] xicon - dzen-like tool for icons

From: pancake <>
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 16:23:29 +0200

On Sun, 1 Jul 2007 09:47:36 +0200
Robert Manea <> wrote:
> This looks really nice and the code is also not too long. So i'd be
> interested to join efforts and integrate icons into mainstream dzen.

Yes! This was my original idea, but I prefered to do it on a separate
program to avoid overhead and be able to play happier with the code
without collateral repercurssions.

The main problem for doing this is that the lack of a image format
definition. As I said, actually it's just a mockup and the source code
is almost ugly.

When these two things get fixed we need >1bpp support, etc..

Send me your patches or ideas for it.

> Unfortunatelly i'm rather busy with exams right now and do not have
> enough time to hanlde this. So if you are interested too, please let
> me know and I will set up a svn branch where we can integrate xicon
> and dzen.

Good luck with exams, don't worry, there's no hurry atm :)

I would prefer to wait for having a standard image format with palette
and variable resolution support.

No idea if I want to extend xicon as dzen is doing nowadays with multiple
flags, embedded event scripting and so. I would prefer to keep things
simpler. But I understand that someone will prefer a dzen2-style utility
(for powersave reasons and so) and this is the reason I would like to
see xicon inside dzen2 :)

BTW 1bpp is ok for me for most of things and probably a >2bpp is useless
but maybe i can make this without wasting too many LOCs.

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